Monday, June 1, 2009

Class Day Level 1

Toady's class was great. There were 3 students and everyone was very excited to be here.
To keep things interesting I let everyone take turns reading out of the International Center for Reiki training manual. 
 I have found that it keeps things  more interesting, instead of me just talking or reading from the book.
During key points I would stop them and elaborate on the subject.
I also feel that reading out loud you retain more.
After a nice lunch we began our afternoon sessions with attunements.
 I do attunements one at a time. I do this because I believe that its a very special ceremony and I like to make it more personalized.
I was attuned in a large group setting and that was fine, but I like private ones better.
That is also why I only like a small class. I usually limit it to 3 or 4 students.
Smaller classes are better to stay on track. easier if people start talking among themselves easier to get them focused again.
we then had practice time.  everyone was worried that they didn't have their reiki turned on, But, I tried to explain that you have to use it to feel it.
I always have a follow up class, I have a final exam and a class evaluation sheet for them to fill out.
The exam is only about 10 questions that are very general there is no pass/fail, it's just so I know that they understand some of the basic info about reiki
At the follow class I run it like a reiki circle.
Just sharing their experiences after they started to use reiki.
They are instructed to use in on themselves for the 30 between the classes.
I hope they all have some positive experiences before then
I also allow anyone who wants to practice on others to come over and use my room, or just come and have a reiki session.
It's always such a good feeling seeing a student just attuned giving a reiki session.
I don't advertise classes and only do them if someone expresses an interest to take one.
I've had some reiki circles with other students, but with all the busy schedules, and some not living local it was hard to have them on a regular basis.
I want to try and have them again soon.