Friday, May 29, 2009

Reiki Class June 1st

I will be teaching a Reiki level 1 class on Monday June 1st. It's been a few years since I've taught a formal class. I have had a few classes informal for some family members that didn't want to go to a whole class.
I'm a little nervous about teaching the class, but know that on Monday morning I will be guided on what to talk about.
I use the International Reiki book to teach my classes, it's a great resource.
I always get a little nervous about giving the attunement when I have a formal class.
I'm always afraid that I will forget a step. But, as always with Reiki it's all about intent and has always worked on each student.
I also have such a hard time with pricing my classes. I have heard others say this too.
I do have to agree with all that I have read about what to charge that it has to be in line with prices in the area. 
I do give a special rate to family and close friends and a discount to nurses or health professionals as a courtesy.
I used to do a one day class and give a certificate at the end of class, but, now I have a follow-up class.  It is scheduled for 30 days after the first class and it is a review of all the material we went over in class. I have a short exam just to make sure that the material was understood and a short question and answer period.
I think it works out better for my student this way.  I like to feel that everything was understood and that they practiced their new skills on themselves for at least the 30 days.
Then we have some practice time and a little ceremony to pass out their certificates.
Everyone has liked the follow up class, especially sharing their Reiki stories.

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