Friday, May 22, 2009

Reiki for Animals

I'm teaching a Reiki Class on June 1st. I have a student interested in Reiki for animals.
She has a dog with some health problems.
I use Reiki on my 2 dogs a few time a week.  They both love it.
My female pekinese StellaMary is 5 now and she has been getting regular Reiki sessions since we got her at 2 months old. She had a few health issues as soon as we got her. She spent a night at the vets on IVs and we decided to take her home and nurse her to health.  I gave her daily sessions and had to give her water with a dropper, also had to feed her every two hours with a high calorie paste.
She did great and is very healthy except for occ. urine infections and has crystals in her bladder.
the vet thinks it is from the dog food she was on. Her infections are fewer than they were before.
I now make all my own dog food and both dogs are doing great.
My male dog is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel he had a lot of problems when we got him but recovered nicely.
I love his reaction to Reiki sessions. As soon as I put a hand on him he has this look like he is waiting to feel something and as soon as he does he just has such a contented look in his eyes and lays right down and goes to sleep.
He can feel the Reiki even if I don't put hands on and starts to hit my hand.
If anyone has any Reiki animal stories to share or any suggestions on material to use on my class please feel free to post it.

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